Ty  Tissue Paper Page 1



Burgundy and Beige Stripes

Red.White.Blue Stripes with Gold Stars




Candy Cane. Peppermint Candy, Green, Red and White

Solid Bronze




Colored Spirals on White

Solid Dark Brown


Flower Pots and Vases Motif

Solid Gold
Lavender with Lavender Blue Flowers Solid Green

Pastel Stripes

Solid Orange
Pine Cones

Stars and Stripes


Pink/W Pink Tulips


Paw Prints Pink and Yellow Flowers

Red Hearts Love in Gold Print, X in Gold Print

White with Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Green Stripes

White with Black Flowers Gold with Silver Backing
Autumn Leaves  


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Checklist of Beanies and Their Corresponding Tissue




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